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Basic Services

Spa Bath

For dirty pets just needing to get clean!

Shaggy Chic's Spa bath includes a warm water bath with a professional quality shampoo specifically chosen for your pet's skin and coat type, professional drying, cleaning of any ear discharge, and nail trimming. Our Spa Bath is perfect for short coated pets, or long coated pets needing a 'freshen up' between groomings.

Spa Bath & Tidy

Shaggy Chic's Spa Bath & Tidy begins with our basic Spa Bath and adds a thorough brushing of your pet's coat and a light trimming of your pet's feet, face, and 'private' areas. It's perfect for the long haired pet that needs a 'neaten up' between full groomings.

Full Service Spa Groom

Our Full Service Spa Groom begins with the Spa Bath and includes an all-over full body custom hair cut to your exact specifications.

Premium Services

Furminator Shed-Less Treatment

Our specialty Furminator treatment begins by utilizing a unique shampoo and conditioning treatment proven to loosen dead, shedding coat, then uses a professional high velocity air dryer to further facilitate the removal of loose hair. We finish it off by using a grooming tool specially designed to remove the remaining dead coat, leaving your pet with significantly less hair to leave all over your couch, carpet, and home!

Creative Grooming Services

At Shaggy Chic, if you can dream it, we can do it! Anything from a simple stencil design, or splash of color, to full blown scissor-sculpted, air-brushed works of art! Our stylists are impeccably skilled in creating a beautiful masterpiece from dog hair!

Possible Additional Charges

Dematting Services:

If your pet has matts and tangles and you do not want him/her taken short, extra charges will be assessed for the time it takes your groomer to work the matts out of your pet's coat. This work takes considerable amount of time and skill to complete safely and painlessly for your pet. Dematting is charged at $1 per minute, with the first 10 minutes of dematting being free with any grooming service. To avoid dematting charges you may either opt for a very close shave to fully remove any matting or brush AND comb your pet yourself at home between grooming appointments. It is also important to bring your pet in on a schedule that your groomer recommends to prevent it having to be de-matted. At Shaggy Chic we will always put humanity over vanity and will refuse to perform dematting services on young puppies, elderly, ill, or infirm pets, or any pets that express distress at any point during the process. Our Stylists are very experienced at being able to decide when it would be in the pet's best interest to just shave down and start over. However, we will never shave a pet without the owner's permission.

Temperament Issues

At Shaggy Chic, our stylists are trained and highly skilled at handling any temperament issue from the severely anxious to the aggressive pet. Some behaviors will require additional handling of the pet, and so will take more of the groomers time. In these cases an additional handling fee may be assessed. The final cost will depend on the amount of effort, time, and risk involved in completing the groom. The Shaggy Chic staff will always put your pet's health and well being first and foremost and reserves the right to cease the groom if the stylist decides moving forward would be harmful to your pet or to staff members.

Walk in service

At Shaggy Chic, reservations are strongly recommended to ensure you will always be able to get the day and time that is most convenient for your schedule. However, we do offer walk in services on a limited basis. Pets done on a walk in basis will be fit in around the schedules of those having booked appointments, so are on a first come, first served basis and will not be able to guarantee a definite pick up time. There is an additional fee for walk-in appointment service. 

Express Grooming

At Shaggy Chic we try our best to accommodate almost every pet and owner's needs. We realize that some owners are very anxious about their pet spending an extended amount of time away from home. For these owners we offer our Express Groom service, which consists of your pet getting priority treatment over other pets that may have even arrived before yours. The groomer will complete your requested services with the bare minimum of waiting and will call you 15 from your pet being completed. Please note that if you are interested in our Express Groom, you must indicate your needs at the time of booking so your groomer may plan her other appointments around yours. As with any premium service, this option is available with an additional fee.

Finishing Touches

At Shaggy Chic we offer a wide array of specialty finishing touches for the *especially* loved and pampered pet. From nail art and nail wraps, to bow hair extensions, feather extensions, gemstones, and 'booty bling', Shaggy Chic has you covered when it comes to that special final touch. If you have something unique in mind, just ask at time of booking, and we will do our best to make your wish become a reality!

Specialty Services Pricing

Finishing Touches:

Feather Extensions: $5

Specialty bows: $5

Nail buffing: $5

Bling: $5

 Spa Upgrades:

Specialty shampoo: $10

Specialty conditioner: $7

Medicated skin treatment: $10

Breath freshining: $10

Creative Grooming:

1 stencil: $5

Multiple stencils: $10

"Pop of color" (color on ears and tail only): $10

All over color:

Single color:




Multiple colors:




Express Service:




Walk in Service: $15

Upgrade Packages

Save money while giving your pet the pampering that he or she deserves with our upgrade packages!

Simple Spa Package

Includes upgrade shampoo and conditioner--$10

VIP Spa Package

Includes Simple Spa Package plus nail buffing--$15

Delux Spa Package

Includes VIP Spa Package plus breath freshining treatment--$20

A note on sizing

It may be hard for some owners to determine what size dog they have. The following guidelines may be of some assistance in this matter. However, the final decision on sizing remains with your pet's Stylist


A dog that your Stylist can easily pick up and carry around nearly all day without fatigue


A dog that you Stylist can lift and carry across the salon with ease, but would tire carrying it for a long period


A dog that your Stylist can pick up by herself with moderate effort and carry a few steps before tiring


A dog that your Stylist may be able to pick up alone with considerable effort; may require 2 staff members to lift.


A dog that requires lots of effort to lift; is best lifted by 2 staff members

 Please see our size chart to the immediate left. Breeds listed are for example purposes only. Each pet is unique regardless of it's specific breed. The final size determination will always be left to your groomer's discrestion.