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Meet Your Pet Stylists:


Elizabeth was born and raised in the grooming industry. Beginning at the age of 8 she was showing her own poodles, winning many placements, as well as mentoring under a top English Setter breeder. Elizabeth is a passionate and dedicated Pet Stylist and has started to venture into competitive grooming. She has extensive experience in styling all breeds and handling all temperaments of dogs.

Why choose Shaggy 

Chic Pet Salon?

At Shaggy Chic, our stylists will treat your pet exactly the way they would like their own pets treated!

Our Stylists are highly trained, impeccably skilled, and masterfully experienced in handling and styling all breeds of dogs and cats

Our staff is dedicated to continuing education and continually growing their skill set and learning about new innovations within the pet care industry

In short. . .

Shaggy Chic is St. John's premiere professional salon!